Knowing When to Transplant Greens

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If plant roots inhabit the entire plug, it is time to transplant your greens. Learn to use hoop houses for transplanting greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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The moment of truth has arrived. You've grown a beautiful tray of greens, in this case, Savoy Cabbage. You see the roots have inhabited the entire plug and that's sign that it's time to plant. These plants have already been hardened off because they've been withstanding cold winter nights. We can just go ahead and begin plugging them in, to an appropriate pugging zone. In this case, I know my soil is already fertile and ready to receive, so all I need to do is pop out the most mature, of these plugs. Pop them out and plug them in. They don't need too much fanfare, just to be tucked in. In this case, I'm planting them a lot closer than they'll, eventually, need to be, so this may yet be another nursery bed and they may yet see another transplant. At this point, I don't need to concern myself with that, my main goal is to keep the growth curve alive, to keep them growing quickly and not languishing. You see, this can't continue to grow in that tiny little space.