How to Properly Plant Spring Bulbs

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Next, we are going to talk about Spring blooming flower bulbs; how to select them, where to grow them and how to have a succession of color for all of Spring. To do that, you set aside an area for flowering bulbs. First you plant a little bit of the daffodils, things like Crocus puschkinia, kiona datsa, the very early bloomers. Then you get into the daffodils, which are coming into March. Then the tulips, once you are in to April. Then you've got this green goddess and the white calalillies into May and June and peonies are usually, by the end of Spring, blooming into June. So, if you have a garden and you can set aside an area just for blooming bulbs, you can have a succession of color from February through June. Next, we are going to go into the first to bloom, Muscari.