How to Pick Peonies

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Hi, this Yolanda Vanveen with Expert Village. We are going to continue our discussion of Peonies. Peonies come in a variety of beautiful colors and they all have a slight fragrance that is really pretty. My favorite Peony is the Negricans Peony. It is a dark, hot burgundy pink color that is not really burgundy, magenta or pink, but a dark color that lends impact to your yard. We also have white peonies that are great for a moon garden, or an all white garden. They are crisp and clean with many blooms that over the years continue to come back. Many times in the first year of planting you will only get two or three blooms and the second year only five or six blooms. It might take a few years before you get the abundance of blooms. Lastly, we have the Sarah Bernhardt Peony, in a soft pink color that I love. I love plants that memorialize important people in our history. Sarah Bernhardt first performed on stage and later became one of our first silent film actresses. It's great to have flowers in your garden that remind us of our past. The next plant that we are going to discuss is the Green Goddess Cala Lilly.