Windows & Pressure Washing Your House

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Pressure wash regular windows, avoid a room full of water, and tips on different angles for certain windows and areas in this free pressure washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Grady Johnson and I'm a professional painter, and today I represent Now I want to talk about pressure washing and exterior windows. Now make sure the windows are all shut all the way. Alot times it'll look like a window is shut but it'll be propped open a little bit and then you'll have a room full of water and that's no fun what so ever. Once you're sure all of the windows are secured you can start to pressure wash them. Now glass will break and if there is too much pressure on it, it will break that seal. Now the older style windows the, like sash style windows are the most fragile. Alot of storm windows can take a little pressure. It really depends on how well they're sealed up. Always start way back from the window and wash it off a little bit and then get up closer until you can see what it can handle. A little something like this. Now that we have the glass cleaned up we want to work around the edges into the seal where the wood is. Now this is the part where we're going to find peeling paint and work they we need to chip off. So go ahead and get yourself in close and work that area. Now I'm going to bring up the window seal. Now this is what gets the most wear. So you want to turn it down at an angle so you don't blow any water up in there in case there's bad caulking beam. Something like this. Now this is a higher window, so we want to get up underneath it. On the ones that are closer to the ground you don't have to do this. But definitely do that on this one. Now that we've gotten that all done, and that's all that I can reach from my ladder position. So these are the basic steps you can take when power washing that exterior window.