How to Grow Orchids on Sphagnum

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Sphagnum can be a fertile ground for growing orchids. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Svagnum is another rather unique potting medium and has some features that are unique to it. One is the native Svagnum which will work fine except that it does not have the very long strand of the plants and what you see here is the compressed block of Chilean Svagnum and it's harvested and sold because of the long fibers native to it. This is pulled apart and broken up and used as a potting medium and will when its used hold up to 300 to 350 percent its own weight in water so you have to be judicious in the use of this and not over water the plants when you grow them in Svagnum. One of the advantages and large ranges is you can water and you do not have to water daily you can water once a week.