How to Sharpen Pruning Clippers

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A standard file can be used to sharpen pruning clippers. Learn more about sharpening pruning clippers with tips from a landscaping expert in this free video on lawn and garden care. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns here to tell you a little bit about how to sharpen your pruning clippers. Again, like removing rust, you want to get the blade area clean and use a wire brush for that. And then wipe the surface clean with a rag. A nice standard little file such as this and look for the flat surface in the clipper. This is the area that you want to sharpen. You just more or less, follow the grove of the blade. Be careful when you do this because you don't want to cut yourself. But feel it sharpen and if feels like a razor blade, you've done your job. The other thing you might want to do, is put a little oil on it as you do this. That will help with the filing process. And then just wipe it off. And that's going to protect your blade, as well as help with sharpening. Now sometimes manufacturers will make a specialty tool a part of your sharpening. In this case, this happens to be the Corona brand. They happen to make their own little sharpening instrument for these clippers. And again, it's in the same surface area, and you just follow along the edge, minimal amount of pressure an they're ready to go.