How to Decorate a Birdhouse

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This is Bob Olsen with Expert Village. We talked about screwing it together and now we've got it all tightened down and screwed together. I talked about putting little decorative stuff on the front side of it or on the roof or anyplace you want so I went out and cut this little piece of wood here, a little branch off, actually it came off the cherry tree and what I'm going to do is just saw off the ends here, make it look a little bit cleaner. Now you can use anything you want, any kind of piece of wood or anything like this. I just thought, well I seen this out there so what we'll do is just take and just kind of put it up here like this and I think that would look kind of different and give a bird a place to sit on too. So what we do is we'll screw this down later but right now we'll just put a few nails, oh, that one missed, we'll cut that one off, let me show you how to do that. You don't have to pull it out, you just have to come along here and cut it off and that's all there is to that. Now we've got a little place for the birds to sit and if he wants to nest on it or sit on it and squawk at you, let him go ahead and do it. But I kind of, it dressed it up a little bit. Now a lot of things you can do now if you wanted to, you can take scrap wood that you can cut on a band saw and you can dress the front of it up if you wanted to but I don't think it's necessary on an older one like this unless you want to spend a lot of time but what you want to do is you take an old piece of wood like this and you'd rip it and this is about the same width as this, and you rip it real thin here and then you tack it on here like this. But I don't think that would be necessary right now because we're just about ready to kind of finish this off a little bit. So we'll do that on the next segment, we'll show you how to get the color back into it and we'll do this on the next one.