How to Pick Cyrtanthus Mackenii Bulbs

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Learn how to choose the perfect cyrtanthus mackenii bulbs for your summertime garden in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Cyrthanthus Mackenii is a beautiful flower from that blooms every summer from South Africa. It grows on the mountainside and it is a beautiful plant in the iris family kind of like a crocosmia that has big yellow flowers on both sides of the stalk. They grow one to two feet fall and they make a great cut flower and they have a great fragrance. I love them because they are really exotic and no one else has them here in America and they are really hard to find. They are just a small bulb like an amaryllis bulb but more like a crocosmia bulb. They will just come up with some greenery but not a whole lot little sword type leaves and the blooms will come up yellow and go on both sides of the plants. They are easy to grow. I put usually about two or three in the pot or maybe even one just to show case it and you can put other bulbs in with it as well. It is one of the few South African plants that I am not sure if it will make it over the cold winter. Whether it is in the pot or the ground I usually bring it in for the winter. Just throw it in the greenhouse and keep it dry and just bring it back out in the spring and enjoy it for many years to come. The next summer plant we will talk about is tritonia.