Gazebo Tools & Safety Tips: Part 2

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Tools and safety tips for building a gazebo, using a miter saw, chalkbox, extension chords and ladders in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village. My name is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. Up next would be our miter saw. Now our miter saw does a lot of different things for us. This is the main saw that I will be using throughout this project. Now what this does is if you unlock this and if you can see right here, this gives us our 45 degree angles all the way down to zero degree angles and the other way around so that you don't have to keep flipping over your wood. So a lot of these cuts are going to be at 22 1/2 and it gives us that angle just right there. You want to remember when cutting your wood, you come down, this guard comes up and this blade is exposed. Don't have your fingers in the way and then we are also going to need an extension cord. It is a lot easier to have an extension cord so that you can cut where you are at instead of having to go find a plug and move all your material over to there. So you want an extension cord so that you can run that the length. Then the ladder. Because we do have such a tall gazebo, we are going to need to have a ladder for the placement of our 2x4's on top and for setting our lattice that goes on top of those 2x4's. Then our chalk box. Our chalk box is a pretty important tool. This we are going to go ahead and run from one side of our mark to the other side of our mark and we are going to snap our lines. You will see during the construction process that is how we use a chalk box and how to use a chalk box. Let's get into a little bit of safety here. We've got our goggles. Goggles are very very important during your cuts. There is going to be a lot of saw dust flying and a lot of wood chipping going on. Your goggles will protect your eyes. You don't want to get any wood chips in your eyes. It's not really comfortable. Gloves are just so when you are picking up wood and moving your wood around, using your saw you don't get blisters, you don't get splinters. These will help savage your from getting any of that. I really recommend gloves. Okay we have gone over all the tools that we need and that are necessary for this project.