How to Attach Walls to a Birdhouse

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Learn how to attach the walls and ends of a birdhouse in this free video on making birdhouses. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bob Olsen for Expert Village. We are going to put this bird house back together now, with being I broke it. But I tell you how you can fix these, there, because the wood is split pretty bad cause it's pretty old. But if you take another piece of wood any, any kind of a piece of wood. Then you can cut a little segment off of it, like this and get it about that size there and then you take a little, little glue here and we will make this thing look better. Excuse me, I like to eat this glue, it's good (laughs). I use waterproof glue and what we do is put a little patch back there to hold it and you want to make sure that the patch is away from where you are going to put your side walls. So you take the gun. I use this air gun, this stapler and get those straight now, pull it together. Then I like to put a couple up, up here to make sure it's going to stay together. Now that's going to be on the back side so nobody is going to see it. I'm going to lay that down and I'm going to put these side walls on now. I like to glue all of them but even afterwards, after you glue them I still like to put the the brads in there. Plus I like to use the screws later on to pull them together and that make, makes them a lot more waterproof and everything else so they don't fall apart. Now as I say these brads are just, are just to hold it, so you can get it all together. It's really not much to it and I'll show you what to do on the, where you got the, where you got the bare walls. Okay, put a little more glue on this. Then we'll put either the front side or the back side. Now if you look at this piece of wood and I kind of like the, the old rusty looking part of the wood to put on the front cause it looks a lot nicer. So you put this together like this and then we'll, when we put this together we'll go ahead and put it on a foundation and we'll show you this on the next segment.