Learn the Taste of Ripe Green Heirloom tomatoes

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The green heirloom tomatoes texture is its stand-out quality. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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There are several varieties of tomatoes that are green ripe, ripe color is green. These are the Green Zebras, see where the name comes from. They develop a yellow blush to them when they're fully ripe and you can feel, they go from being very, very hard to having a slight give to them when they're ripe. Then, when they're fully, fully ripe, they develop a yellow blush to the background. They add a real nice bright flavor to your salad, they have a clean, tangy taste. They are wonderful in combination with the Flame and some of the other colors, just adds a real nice eye appeal to your salad. We put them in our salsa as a nice, different color. Some of the other green varieties are Lime Green Salad, similar to this without the striping, or there's Big Zebra, which is a large version. Many others, Emerald, very nice.