Growing Orchids in Epiphytic Conditions

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Some orchids can grow in epiphytic conditions. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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" Epiphidic Orchids grow on other plants. Now normally we don't do this on a green house, simply because it gets very complicated trying to grow two plants at the same time, so we use a substitute and in this case were using a cut piece of branch from another plant to which we've anchored the Orchid. Now in nature this is the way most of the Orchids will grow, anchored up in the trees and by spreading their roots out. Where do they get their nutrients? They depend upon the debris falling from above to lodge around the roots and occasionally they may depend upon birds evacuating in their area. Anything that falls down from above becomes a source of nutrients for them. Now, as a consequence when you see orchids growing in their native environment they're not going to be nice and green and lush, simply because nutrients is always going to be an issue for them.