Installing Gazebo Support Beams

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Installing the support beams when building a gazebo, learn how to install them, what measurements to cut them at and making sure they are flushed in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! Welcome back to Expert Village. My name is Charlie Folkman and today we are going to continue building our gazebo. The next step in building our gazebo, is we are going to go ahead and do the frame work for the bottom supports of the base. Now if you remember in the diagram, we had to lay out our 2 x 4's. I am going to show you how to install those and what measurements to cut them at. Now if you remember the 22 1/2 degree miter cut and how we got that is that we took this angle which is a 135 degrees. Then we took 180 degrees and subtracted 135 and that gave us 45 degrees and then we divided that in half and got 22 1/2. So we need 4 of those at 22 1/2 inches. We also need 4 at 34 inches and then we are going to go ahead and go back to a square cut. We are going to need 2 at 69 inches, 2 at 23 1/4 inches and then we are going to need 2 at 8 inches. So let's go ahead and take these boards and we will cut them down and then we will install them. Now that we have all our boards cut, let's go ahead and install them. First we are going to start off with a 24 inch piece. This is going to go here. Now see why we cut it at this 22 1/2 degree angle because it becomes flushed with everything and just makes it look nice. Go ahead and install this and if Richard would come over here. When you screw these in to attach them, you can go ahead and put 2 screws underneath. We will flip the whole thing over so that we can screw down everything after we get this installed. While he is screwing that in, I am going to go ahead and attach and get the 34 inch piece ready for him. Now that we have these pieces attached, we are going to go ahead and put in our support beam across the middle. That is the 69 inch one. We are going to take that and go ahead and set it and get it flushed to the edge here. See this what he is doing this is what we want and what he has over here is wrong. We want to make sure that it is flushed to give us our 2 ft on center for our screwing purposes. So now that we have those, we are going to go ahead and put a screw in on each end just to hold it in place and flip it over.