Planting Seasonal Annual Flowers

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Annual flowers thrive during different seasons. Plant annual flowers with tips from a horticulturist in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So we were talking earlier about plants that you could plant in the fall but you can also plant many things in the spring so for instance this is a snap dragon. This plant does great here in the middle south. We can plant this in March and we can also plant things such as dianthus and stock, toadflax, there are many great choices for this time of year. Summer is one of the greatest times to grow annuals in the garden. There are so much variety and selection and often times it can be a little overwhelming when you go to your local garden center and see all the choices laid out before you. In the summer time we love to use plants like zinnias, pentas, lantana, salvia and all these plants are just spectacular in the garden and you get an amazing variety of heights and colors and texture which is of course what we all strive for in our gardens.