Learn the Taste of Black (Purple) Heirloom tomatoes

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A rich, deep, aged tomato flavor dominates the black (purple) heirloom tomatoes. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Now, we'll look at some of the black tomatoes. Obviously they are not truly black, they, the hotter it is the darker color they get. This is a Black from Tula, this is a Cherokee Purple, there's a Purple Calabash, they're all in what I call, the Black family. They are very rich tasting, deep, old tomato flavor, beautiful brick red interior, a little bit of green gel. We use the Tula, we put it on our hamburgers for what we call a Tula Burger, outstanding. Nothing tastes like summer like the Tula Burger. There's a Cherokee Purple, red veins, green marbling, these have a nice salty flavor. And, Purple Calabash, there's one slight disadvantage to some of these is that they are incredibly mis-shapen. But, if you're just going to chunk them up into a sauce, or slice them into a salad, they clean up pretty well. You'll find that all the tomatoes in the Black family have a very rich, deep, deep, tomato flavor, very, if you love tomatoes, try one of these, cause they're delicious. A little harder to deal with perhaps, but once you taste them you'll see that they're worth it.