Design Your Own Wedding Flowers

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When personally designing wedding flowers, pick out flowers that will last for the day and will complement the color motif of the wedding. Discover creative ways to get bridesmaids and flower girls involved in the creation of wedding flowers with help... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Karen Rodowicz of JK Flowers, and I'm here to help you to design your own wedding flowers. If you're planning on doing your own flowers to cut costs, there's a lot of different ways to help to do that. First of all, you can go to your local florist or local flower market. Pick out flowers that you know will last for the day -- something that will bloom, something that will complement your colors of the motif, your linens, and the flower girl dresses. Once you've come up with those decisions and those flowers, the other way to do it if you're designing your own flowers is have a day or two before the wedding, have your flower girls and your bridesmaids come over and have them make their own bouquets. Each one could be a little bit different. Each one could have a little different shape or design. This will make your wedding unique. Some easy ways of designing a bouquet, especially with roses, is you can do a round hand tie bouquet, and you just take your roses and go around in a circle until you get the desired size and shape that you're looking for. You can tape them together with some floral tape, which you can get at your local crafts store, tie with some ribbon, and you'll have the bouquet you've been looking for. I'm Karen Rodowicz of JK Flowers.