How to Winterize Your Power Mower

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To winterize a power mower, put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank and then run the engine until there is no fuel in the line. Winterize a power mower with tips from a professional landscaper in this free video on lawns and gardening. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk a little bit about how to winterize your lawn mower. When you get done with that last cut in the season usually October, time frame, and you put it up there are a couple of things that you want it to do. First and foremost, put a fuel stabilizer in your gas tank. Mix it, usually the container is measurable it tells you how to measure it. Put that in your gas tank. Run your engine for a few minutes to where you get some of that stabilizer into the carburetor and the workings of the engine. Some lawn mowers will have fuel shut off switch. After you run it for a few minutes turn that switch off and let it run until it runs out of fuel in the line. Those two things are really key to helping start next Spring because you want fresh gas in the tank to turn that engine. The second thing that you would want to do is you can take your air filter, clean it, put it back on and have it ready to go. Then put the machine up, put some oil on your blade, rub oil on the blade to help keep it from rusting on you over the Winter. Those simple tips will winterize the machine for you and put you in good standing come next Spring.