How to Organize a Studio or Small Apartment

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The best way to organize a studio or small apartment is through the use of containers, especially for storing items like dirty clothes and blankets. Avoid turning a small apartment into a clutter trap with tips from a professional house cleaner and... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to organize a studio or a small apartment. And I would say containers, containers, containers. The more you have containers or places to put all of your things, the more organized it can be. And we are in the days of having incredible of containers, fun containers, different containers, so I would just say, like hamper, as soon as the clothes going on the floor, you have this darling great hamper and it's cute enough just to you know, you can just put it out in a corner of a room, and know that all your clothes go there so we've just organized just by throwing the clothes in the hamper. Also, darling pieces that can be used in different ways and several different ways. This is a great chest, and you could use it for storing blankets for storing your linens, for storing your clothes. Whatever room you're in. And then you can shut it and it can be - if you're downstairs and you use it for blankets then you can use it also for a little coffee table and put a little tray on it. If you're upstairs and you're using it for your very small bedroom it would be great to put like maybe your socks and just whatever you need in your room and then you could push it at the end of your bed, it could be a cute little chest at the end of your bed. So again, containers that you can use dual purpose, and then just load them up with different things. I love finding great pieces at garage sales, this is a great basket, and you can put all our magazines in the basket, and that way you don't have this pile of magazines, you can just throw them in the basket and the basket is so great that it looks good and then you can just put it on your table. So, as you're out look for great containers, small and large, and how you can use things in several different ways. This is Ann Myrick, and that is how you organize a studio or a small apartment.