Find Supplies for Growing Orchids

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Growing orchids need special care and, in turn, special supplies. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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One of the important considerations in growing orchids is; "where can I get supplies to help me re-pot, mount and the like when I do grow them?" Part of it is being inventive in mounting orchids. Sometimes you can mount it on native materials, such as honeysuckle stems, which are very adaptable and usable for certain small orchids. Other things is to go to one of the garden shops with you can get a good supply of perlite, charcoal, maybe even some shredded coconut, which is also a good medium to grow orchids. Several of the garden shops, which are good for growing orchids, are in the each area I am sure. If you have problems you can go on the web and probably seek out some.