How to Use Overhead Sprinklers

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How to Use Overhead Sprinklers - Provided by eHow
Overhead sprinklers deliver a steady stream of water in a natural flow like rain. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Another method is a overhead sprinklers we have set up in the greenhouse. This is nice for doing the whole greenhouse all at once. We have plants filling them on the floor and the bed is just being planted. It works the same way these hang down, this is a way to keep the green hose running straight. It is the same little mini sprinkler, same end. I have a bigger line here because we use a lot of water, punch that in just like so and let me show you what it does. Step back. It takes a while to pump the air out. Amazing time saver I can water all the plants while I'm doing something else. I can't tell you what this has done for me.