Repotting an Orchid: Plant Care Tips

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Tips for transplanting orchid flowers to a new pot in this free care for orchids video. View Video Transcript

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This is a newly purchased plant. When you bring it home you should probably isolate it from your other plants for a couple of weeks just in case it has any pests or diseases you don’t want to spread to the other orchids in your house. Now I have no idea since this is newly purchased what kind of mix is in this pot but first of all let’s remove the tag and put that where we can find it later. If it has no tag, it’s a node, meaning identification. After a couple of weeks then you will be ready to repot. Now this plant is, in my opinion, too large of a pot for a dendrobium but because it is top heavy, I feel the grower put it in this pot to stabilize it. Now I am going to put it in a pot a little bit smaller. You are going to probably want to wet the roots first; just run some water through the pot, let the pot stand for a half hour or so it depe4nds and that will help you ease the roots away from the size of the pot.