How to Plant Perennials

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I'm going to take a little of my existing soil that I have here and I'm going to add that to my mix for finalizing planting. I'm going to stir that into the mix that I have already prepared. It's always good to add some of the existing soil to your mix. We got that worked in. Now, I'm going to back fill around this perennial, all around the edges. Make sure as you're putting it in that you pack real well. You want to get out all the air bubbles that might be down in the hole. You can also add your hoes and soak a little bit as you go. Bring this over. I'm going to add just a little bit of water around. If I can get it on. I don't want too much pressure. That's just enough. Since the mix is fairly light, you want to pack it and you're going to add a bit more. You're going to just gently cover back in and around some of that other existing soil so that's it nice and level. I got a little area here I got to fill in. So it's nice and level. I'm going to use my hands and really pack it down so that we minimize air exposure. A little bit more. It's nice and level. I can see the base here. I'm just going to fill in and I'm going to water this plant in a little more so that it's nice and evenly soaked. Some people will actually make a little rim around, a little ring around to hold moisture in. This one's got a nice little pocket already. There you go. She's in the ground. Ready for the next step.