Learn About the Oncidium Orchids' Dancing Ladies

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Oncidium Orchid's Dancing Ladies, as they're called, can be very pretty. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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WILLIAM HUTCHINSON: The Oncidium group is known variously as the butterfly orchid or Dancing Ladies. And partly because when you see this plant in blossom, they're very wide, bright yellow petal which forms that unique structure that we talk about as defining an orchid, tend to bounce in any kind of breeze or movement that you might have in the environment. The flower size maybe large as this yellow one or it maybe fairly small as we see in this Oncidium, ornithorhynchus, which is called the Birds Head Orchid, because the flower resembles slightly a bird's head. Some of these are fragrant, some of them are extremely fragrant, but that's only the minority of the group. Most of them just exhibit their form and color in a flashing way.