How to Pick Bulbinella Bulbs

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Bulbinellas are a plant that very few have probably ever seen in their gardens. It's native to South Africa where it grows in the mountains of the Western Cape. It has beautiful moon flower, Eremurus type blooms; real feathery, yellow blooms that are about 1-2 feet tall, so it's not real big. The plant themselves kind of look like a green onion, so you're not really sure what they are. They just have these fleshy little rhizome roots that grow into a bulbinella plant. And then it's almost like a red hot poker or Kniphofia even looking plant where it'll have big, spike-like greenery and then these big yellow plumes will come up that last for a month or more in the garden or as a cut flower. Bulbinellas are just a really beautiful, unusual South African plant that you can enjoy in your garden. Next, we're going to talk about a different South African plant that's equally rare: Cyrtanthus Macanai