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Learn the various characteristics of Miltonia Pansy Orchids in order to decide if they're right for you. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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WILLIAM HUTCHINSON: The most remarkable Miltonia that a hybrid breeding has occurred and brought into cultivation in the last few years, is the so called Pansy orchid which is a derivative of the Miltonias, and some people say it should probably be identified as Miltoniopsis. The flower will range upwards of three to four and I have seen a couple of them that go 5 inches across, and a remarkable marking on the face or on the front of the flower, which are called falls, look like a waterfall of colors coming down the face of the plant, but what it really provides you, is as if a face is looking back at you when you look at these orchids. Now, some of these will be fragrant, the majority of them aren't. They are usually spring flowered and available to the spring public.