Organizing the Kids Room

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Alright, if you have kids and they never pick up their toys, the reason may be that they have too many. Often parents complain that their kids just don’t pick up their toys and I find that it’s usually because they’ve been given so many toys that they’re overloaded so that they don’t know where to start to put things away when you tell them to. So the first thing I’d suggest when you have kids and you have, invariably, a lot of toys is to get rid of the toys and put them on a rotation basis. So, for example, all of these would go into storage and maybe, every four months or so I’d rotate them out. That way the kids feel like they’re getting new toys and I don’t have to clean up all that clutter. Now, even if your kids can’t read, a great way to get them to organize their toys is to first of all divide them into categories. For example, all of the blocks would go into one of these bins I found here. These bins are really great, and you don’t have to get bins like these. You can get any kind- even buckets or even laundry baskets are fine. And what you can do is take a toy that they know about- like these, and you can just tape them to the front. That way they know, even if they can’t read, that the blocks go in this bin. So we have all the toys cleared up and you can see that even if the kids can’t read, they’ll be able to know that the blocks go in there, the tools and toys go in here, and the stuffed animals can go right in here…this is falling off right here, but this is just a temporary solution. You’d obviously be able to sew them on or glue them on so they’ll be a little bit more permanent than just tape. Now the main thing, like I said before is getting rid of most of the toys. I know that you may feel like you want your kids to play with all the toys that they have, but they really…if you rotate them around you’ll be able to get much more use out of them, and I know you can’t stop your relatives from wanting to buy gifts for your kids as well, but they learn to appreciate the toys that they do have, and it will really cut down on the clutter. I would just suggest you try it out for a maybe month or two and they’ll be able to clean up their toys much easier, and it will be much easier on you, too.