Fertilizing & Watering Hostas

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Okay now I am going to fertilize the plant with some organic fertilizer and how you do this is you kind of apply about a tablespoon to 2 tablespoons in a circular motion around the base of the plant here. We do this so that when it leaches into this soil after watering, the nutrients will go down and the idea behind it is that the roots will kind of spread out and knit into the soil. I like using organic fertilizers because they are a non burning fertilizer. They won't damage the root system in any way and you want to water it in again thoroughly. We try to water everything real well when we plant things because we might be buys and not be able to get back out to the garden to be watering every day but a good thorough drenching soak one last time to get that mulch nice and packed down and get that fertilizer leaching into the soil is really really good for this plant. I usually follow the line of where I put the fertilizer to just kind of get that breaking down and leaching in well. There you have it. A nice planted Hostas already to go and you just get to wait and see it pop up next spring.