Choosing & Planting Eggplant

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Choosing & Planting Eggplant - Provided by eHow
Knowing what to look for when buying eggplants for your garden is very important to their success and growth. Learn how to choose the best possible eggplants for your garden in this free horticulture video from a veteran gardener. View Video Transcript

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Today we're going to talk about how to pick out and plant a fresh eggplant. When you're picking out a four pack like this, you just want to make sure there's one in each little four pack. Make sure it looks pretty decent like this green one here. Don't pick anything that may have like a disease on it or maybe like a little bad spot like that on it. Try and stay away from that. That's not too bad, but you just want to stay away from anything like that. Take a look at the tag. They all say how long it takes for them to mature and whether to plant them in full sun. This particular one you need to plant in full sun and it takes about eighty days to mature. So you want to give yourself enough time to let those mature. Plant them a little bit early in the season because it takes eighty days. Take a look at the spacing so they have enough room to grow. This one says about thirty to thirty six inches apart. So you want to plant them about two to three feet apart in full sun. You want to not plant them in any kind of bad soil. You want to use some kind of garden soil or something like that. At this garden center, we recommend you use our Miracle-Gro garden soil. It's got fertilizer right in it. It's good, black dirt.