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WILLIAM HUTCHINSON: One of the more interesting genera of orchids are the Miltonias. You can get a wide variety of form and color in these, some of them from intense purples into pale blues and the more recent hybrid crosses of these which are called the Pansy Orchids. And here's one that's just getting ready to open. When you get this in flower, the flower will be up to three inches across and it will have a face on it that just remarkable like a pansy. And in fact, some other people just--they insist that's it's not an orchid that it's a pansy you're growing in the greenhouse. But the form and the way you grow these things, it's usually fairly moist. Some of these remarkably if you put them in a pot to grow them, will be the [SOUND LIKE] sick of fork of thing you ever saw. They want to be grown in a situation where they can get wet and dry out very rapidly.