How to Deliver Flowers

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To deliver flowers, place the arrangement in a sturdy container that will not tip over, place it on the floor of the car, and drive slowly around corners and over bumps. Deliver a flower arrangement carefully with helpful advice from the owner of a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Karen Rodowicz of JK Flowers, and I'm here to tell you how to deliver flowers. The easiest thing to do is go to your local florist and have them deliver them for you because they have all the right equipment of the delivery vans and the containers to put them in. But if you choose to deliver them yourself, which always is a...puts a smile on that favorite someone's face, make sure you have...put it in a sturdy container. And usually either you put it in an area where you can hold onto the container or in the floor of your car. You want to make sure you...when you're taking turns or bumps or curbs that you want to go a little bit slower so they doesn't tip because you're not going to want that mess of the water all over your car or maybe even a broken flower stem or two if the arrangement falls over. So keep that in mind when you're delivering those flowers. Also, never leave your flowers in a hot car. Just like when you're in a're in a hot car, you get warm. Same thing will happen to your flowers, and they'll wilt. And let's face it: Who wants wilted flowers before they even got them? So I hope this was helpful in delivering those fresh flowers to that certain someone. Once again, I'm Karen with JK Flowers.