Create a Vine for a Wrought Iron Fence

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Create a vine for a metal fence from a round rod with a throttle hammer and cut, fit and weld it on in this free construction video. View Video Transcript

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Terry Leafty

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On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry, and I'm here to tell you today about building a wrought iron fence. Okay, I'm going to take my round rod and form it into a vine or a branch on a throttle hammer. Okay, I'm trying to work it so it will stay straight. If you don't spin it, it will want to curve around on you. Get close to the end, so that you can make the vine smaller. Okay, I've got my rod all hammered out now, so I'm going to shape it into the shape of branches, or vines, for my foliage gate and fencing. See, I've got it all bent up there, in like an S, of course there'll be other branches coming off. Once I get this branch here bent up, I'll move it into spot. It'll come off like that and I'll cut it and fit it where I need it, and then weld it on, and then the leaves will come. That's how I do my branches and my vines. I'll put that back in the forge and let it heat up just a little longer, for the next one.