Tools for Planting African Violets

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Scissors, knives, and the pot are all important tools required for planting African violets. Learn how to pick out your tools for planting violets in this free gardening video about caring for African violets. View Video Transcript

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This is what you will need to plant your African Violets. First the appropriate size pot, plastic or clay, both are acceptable. Personally I prefer a clay pot. Next you will need any kitchen implement. Scissors will do, a cotton swab will do or the tip of your finger. What you will be needing this for is to create a divot or a hole in your planting medium for your plant tissue. Next you will need a sharp knife. I prefer a razer blade. You can keep it clean which is very important to prevent transmission of diseases from tissue to tissue. It is also sharp so when you do cut through your tissues it is a sharp clean cut. Next you will need a planting medium. Now this is a commercial planting medium. I prefer this, it is sterile, it is ready to go, it is easy and it is what your plants really do like. Lastly you will need a watering can.