What to Do After Potting an Orchid

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Learn What to do after potting your orchid plant in this free orchid care information guide. View Video Transcript

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You are probably wondering what to do next; and with this plant I will be moving it into a warmer, darker area for it recover from the disturbance from being repotted and after one or maybe two weeks, I will be moving it back to the general collection and this particular plants takes so medium to high light, night time temperature 60 to 65 degree minimum, day time temperatures probably no higher than 90. In the winter it can be grown cooler and drier. It does like a lot of water during the growing period, so in the summer I would probably water it maybe once every three days since it does have a very new pourus mix. In the winter I would probably water it once every week, week and half and when you water it, you want the water to run through the pot. Well now that you have acquired your first orchid, be prepared to buy more because it is known that you get bitten by the orchid bug and then you just keep acquiring.