How to Choose Containers to Get Organized

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One thing obviously is you probably want to really sort out what you have decide what to throw out so you have an actual idea of how much items that you actually need to hold. And then you want to look at where the containers are going. You want to make sure that they fit the drawers properly. They're the right size. That they are the right size for, for example if this is going to a very small kitchen counter you want to make sure their's actually space to fit this item. And you also want to make sure that this is the right shape and size for the items that you are holding. And for example this might not be the best holder for your, for example this might not be the best container for your newspapers just because this is not the right size. Papers would fall out of this. There are a lot of places that you can get great selections of containers. I love office supply stores. They often have great selections and you can actually compare different models and see which one works for you best. And also stores like Target or Wal Mart. These super stores, they also often have a home office and organizing aisles where you can find great containers and don't be afraid to get creative because sometimes you might find a container that's labeled for one thing but can be great for something else. For example this is a CD holder but I like it as a container for bathroom accessories. Especially for modern bathrooms. It really goes with the decor and also this is you know, chrome plated so it doesn't really get rusty and all that. And sometimes containers come to you. For example this was a basket that came with a gift set and I usually like to keep some small containers in my storage area because sometimes there are new items that you acquire that you don't really have a container for. And if you have a small collection, and I stress small collection of containers you might find something that fits perfectly or at least give you temporary organizing solutions before you design a permanent home for your new items. Thank you for watching Expert Village. Again, this is Yi Lin and I hope the tips that I shared today have been helpful. If you live in the L.A. area and you want to hire me or you just want to have more information on getting organized you can contact me at again that's Thank you for watching.