Custom Seed Mixing for Greens

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Custom Seed Mixing for Greens - Provided by eHow
Mixing greens to grow together can produce surprising plants and save space and time. Learn to mix seeds for growing greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Today, I'm going to teach you a great shortcut whereby you can plant all varieties of valuable greens and so forth, without planting them one by one. Shenandoah's going to demonstrate how we premix the seed. In this case, we're choosing a braising mix. So she's mixing some arugula and some other brassicas, some broccoli rabe. And this way, since all of these plants will be tended and grown in a similar manner, we can save the intense time involved with planting each and every one. She just mixed some cress and now she's got some simposai, which is an Asian collard type plant. Some purple kohlrabi. By premixing the seed, she's creating a custom blend and nobody else in the world is growing quite this particular blend of unique seeds. And since they're all going to be tended and in a similar manner, why not grow the all together? [Shenandoah] Are these already mixed? (Daniel] What have we there? Oh, it looks like we have several things mixed. We have in there some cress and some tender leaf, thick stemmed hearty mustard. I didn't even think I liked mustard. [Shenandoah] All these round seeds, are they all brassicas? [Daniel] The round seeds are brassicas. Extremely cold-hardy. The truth of the matter is, when we grow this blend, there's a, there you can see a similar blend in development . It doesn't remember if I remember their names because here they are in all of their glory, waiting to please us. Here I see some purple kohlrabi and some sporting broccolis and broccoli rabe perhaps, possibly a few arugulas. Like I said though, we really don't have to remember their names for them to be delicious.