Find Local Growers Where You Can Buy Orchids

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Identify local orchid growers in your area where you can obtain additional plants and bulbs in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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One of the sources that you can use to get plants and supplies, perhaps from some of the local growers. Some of the local growers you will find that they may specialize in one group of an orchid. I have a friend that if I need a cattleya or a member of the cattleya alliance and I can't find it. I always check with him because he tends to have it when no one else does. Because that's what he specializes in. I know another local grower, that if I need media right away and I can't wait until they have it shipped, I can go to their greenhouse and pick it up because that's one of the things that they sell along with their orchid plants. So really, if you're in an area and you find out who the local growers are sometimes they can offer you a great deal of help. Not only on availability of plants but other items that you might need for orchid culture. So don't be afraid to use, unfortunately it's not in the yellow pages, you have to know someone who knows who they are.