Preparing Flowers for Bowl Arrangements

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By cutting flowers in water, you make them last longer. Learn more tips for cutting flowers in this free flower arrangement video from a professional florist. View Video Transcript

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O.k., and this bowl here, is a little fish bowl, it's perfect for like a compact little centerpiece. You put it on your kitchen table. You can do something simple, something springy, you can get a little baby's breath here, which is a pretty little filler, and then some daisy's, and you want to pick some short stem flowers, and the daisy's, if you look they have short laterals on them, which can be broken off, like that, and then just stuck into the bubble bowl, and just go around and fill in. Nothing too high, just a nice compact design. Again, you're cutting each stem before you put it in, this way it'll last longer and each flower will drink, and you're pushing it down between the greens, and breaking them off, and I'm cutting off on an nice angle, so it's got almost like a point to it, and it goes right through, and just go around, and around, until you have a nice full centerpiece.