How to Organize the Front Seat of your Car

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I want to show a simple way to keep the inside of you car organized. You can find a car organizer such as this one right here. I'll show you it has different compartments and it usually has a large area in the back where you can put larger items such as your map. Such as your Thomas Guide map. This is one the items that you really want to keep handy. And also if you are someone who has a lot of times has to take work on the go or if you have items that don't quite fit into your purse such as a file folder like a flexible file container such as this you will have a place to keep it instead of just having things piled up on your front seat and then when your making a sudden turn everything suddenly on the floor. And also not all the cars come with a cup holder and sometimes people tend to use the cup holders to hold their spare change and parking tickets and such and an organizing tote such as this provides extra containers for your water and your coffee and I also like to suggest people to keep your CD's like audio CD's that they are listening to in the car handy. Especially for people who spend a lot of time on the road. I always find it is a great way to utilize that driving to time by listening to a lot of audio books and this is great way to keep audio CD's that you borrow from the library perhaps. Also I would suggest you keep a little trash bag in your car just to keep it clean. I again like to use what I have and not spend money on new things so I'm using an old shoe bag for that. And I just kind of hang it around my driving stick. Or another option is you can have a little brown paper lunch bag and just use that for your trash and just put it in your tote right here. That's another handy option.