Mass Propagating Food Seedlings

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Starting a mass propagation system for food seedlings and crops can use small spaces like greenhouses. Grow plants and food crops in a small amount of space with a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food crop... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Danny Botkin from Laughing Dog Farm. And today I'm going to tell you about mass propagating food seedlings, little baby plants to grow food, permaculture style, in your backyard. Essentially what you're going to need is some type of a hoop house, or greenhouse. We have a beautiful 60 footer over there, but it can be as small as a winter solarium. And you're going to want to grow a lot of food in a small amount of space. The key is, that many of these crops don't need a lot of space until they're further along in their growth cycle. In other words they can be crammed in at the beginning of their life, and do just fine. So for those of us who don't have 40 acres or 400 acres, this is a key ingredient. Secondly we're going to be mixing up some amazing potting soil, which will allow these beautiful plants to grow and develop and reach maturity and feed us for, well, for the whole year.