How to Design a Sprinkler Layout

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Hi this is Fernando we are here with Expert Village and we are going over the design of a sprinkler layout. In the whole system of building a actually system it is very important to consider what it is that you are trying to do for your property. One of the best ways to do is actually get a pen and paper and to draw a map of your actual house and you can see and visualize if I put a 6 foot sprinkler here then I have to put a you know a 3 foot spray in the corner or whatever it is. But you need to understand what it is that your trying to cover so it is equally important that you pick out whether you are going to have lawn plants in what areas then determine what area you are going to have a triple sprinkler and what type of system. Here you are seeing that we went with a sprinkler system and it is just a pop up sprinkler here that shots out. We have kept these about 4-6 feet apart and you will see later on how we actually install those but the lawn is getting plenty of coverage here to actually harbor the growth of this new side that was just recently planted.