How to Organize Movies, Music & Other Media

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Organize movies, music and other media into genre categories, alphabetically or by owner, keeping children's movies closest to the television and keeping adult movies in a separate area. Keep movies in order with housekeeping tips from a tidy stay-at... View Video Transcript

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Now I'd like to talk to you about how to organize movies, music and other media. The best thing that worked out for us was keeping our, my husband and my movies separate from the children. That way their movies are in one spot and they can put them back and go get them and it doesn't interfere with our movies. Ours are safe, free from harm, we always know that when we go get a movie the DVD is actually going to be in there. Good to know. Another good thing to remember is to try to keep your VHS's together and your DVD's together. Also you can put your movies into categories. So that you know if I want a cowboy movie, a western, they are going to be in one section. A chick flick is going to be in another section, action will be in another and so on. It just helps. You can even alphabetize your movies, movies or other media too if you would like. Now when I have the children's, I have the children's by the TV so it's safe for them, it's just quick, they know how to get it, put it in. Saves me a lot of hassle from going to get their movies. It's in a place where they all can reach it even the littlest ones. I keep in here all together, their video games, their CD's , their music. Up front here we have regular movies for them, other family friendly movies, and family friendly cartoons. Then in this section we keep the religious DVD's and VHS and their educational all in this section. So everything is in there, it's really handy for them, easy for them to get to and then it's right by the TV, right by the DVD player and the VHS player. So they can get to it all without any problems. With your music it's a good idea too to keep them all in different categories. So you can have your holiday music in one section, your and the different styles of music in different sections. Whatever pleases you for your taste. It's also a good thing to try to keep them all together. You can have your video games right with your DVD's then keep them in a different section. Try to keep your VHS separate from your DVD's because it just looks appealing that way. Not have them all mixed together and it's easier for storage. And also if you have a cabinet with a door that open some of them can't be VHS and DVD right together or the doors won't close. So just play with it however your doors will close obviously that's the best way to go. So I hope some of these ideas will work for you.