Understand How to Import Orchids From Other States

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Importing orchids from other states can be complicated. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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"Orchids from other states have a value to you, in that the process of getting them is much easier than bringing them in from out of the country. You can buy Orchids from any state in the continental United States and Hawaii without having an import from them which makes life a lot simpler for you if you?re just buying a few plants. There is a number of large growers in Maui, in Hawaii itself, the main island, which will be glad to sell you plants without all kinds of special governmental permits, and it's an easy way for you to go around the world because Hawaiian plants are often from other places as well as Hawaii and so it gives you great opportunity to expand any collection you might have. Some plants you can get in your travels. This particular one was in the travels I made when my son first started flying airplanes and comes from Mississippi and I picked it out of a greenhouse right along the Mississippi. It's one that I've had for many many years and it's flowered routinely for the last twenty five years every year or so. You have to be patient with some of these because sometime they take their time to coming around to flowering. Now, out of state, by looking at the sources, by traveling, or getting something like the Orchid Journal which will list Orchid's places throughout the United States and the world."