Buying the Right Flowers for a First Date

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Roses or lilacs? Determine what flowers you should bring a first date. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi! I'm Lori for and today we're at Archibald Flowers, and we're going to talk about how to purchase flowers. Some of the questions that we're always asked is what do I purchase when I'm going out for the first time? A lot of times the customer will come in or a guy will come in and they'll I don't know what I want to get. I don't want something that's too over the top. I don't really even know this girl. Of course when you're going on a first date, you're probably at that point not going to know what that person's favorite flower is. Sometimes they do and that makes it a little easier on both of us. A lot of times they'll just come in and say give me a few flowers, wrap a few flowers or something like that. A lot of times you don't want to overdo it and do a dozen roses. You want to have something that you can build up to for later. Maybe after the date, or next week, or first month anniversary. A lot of times we just sell a few flowers. Whether it's just a few roses wrapped, or maybe a favorite flower. If they do know, like hydrangea, which is very popular or cala lilies. A lot of times they orchids are very popular for something like that as well.