How to Prepare to Install Sprinklers

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Hi this is Fernando and we are here with Expert Village going over a water system. Assuming that you are going to be doing this water system your self this is a large task to take on one of the things that you are going to need on materials for your self proper knee pads, boots, preferable jeans cause you are going to be dealing with perhaps branches, a lot of dirt and it helps you a little cleaner and protects you from the sun. So it is very important that you not only protect yourself as you are preparing for a lawn because your protecting your lawn you need to protect your self and I prefer using a belt around my back which helps me give me extra support and a little cup of Joe with a hat to protect the sun because this is what I do for a living it helps protect me. So these are the necessary things that you should have for yourself to protect your self as you start doing this process of installing your own sprinklers.