Hoop House Farming: Watering Techniques

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It is very important as a farmer to water the plants in the hoop house every day because the dew and other normal ways of getting moisture are not available to the plants. Farm and care for plants correctly and safely with tips from an experienced farmer... View Video Transcript

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So, let’s talk a little more about watering and irrigation in the hoop house. As we said there is no rain coming in and it tends to be very hot. So, the water need is extreme. In the spring, like now, I have to water every day. Ultimately we're going to put an in ground drip system into the hoop house, but we're still learning our systems and perfecting the art and learning just how much water we need and when. So, for now we're still using hand watering techniques. Right now, I'm going to show you basic hand watering and the thing to keep in mind is that different plants have the ability to withstand the abusive force of water differently. So, these here, these Chinese; excuse me, Red Cabbages they're so well rooted that they don't; they can handle being plastered with water. These little ones as well are doing fine. These plants can be just spot watered as necessary; however some of the tinier things, some of the little bitty flower or onion or basilicas we might want to use a little more care so we're not squishing the leaves and mudding down the plants. Here you can see the lettuces that have just been planted. I'm wanting to soak their ground a lot more that the plants that are already going, because the transplant have a severe water need. Later on I'm going to show you how to water with a hose and a wand. For hand watering you just want to be a Johnny on the spot and be around the hoop house and noticing the water emergencies just before they happen. You'll be surprised how quickly the hoop house dries out.