Tips on Caring for Hostas

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The best place to plant hostas is in a little bit of shade because these plants don't want to be exposed to too much intense sunlight. Use organic, composted soil when caring for hostas, and give them room to multiply with help from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about tips on caring for hostas. Now I love my hostas, they're such a beautiful plant. And so the best place or the best tip I can give you is plant them in a little bit of shade because they don't want to be in full hot sun unless you live on the coast where you can put them in the sun where it's foggy all the time, but if you live inland at all and you put them in a sunny spot, they sometimes fry in the sun. So part shade is a number one tip. Number two, give them lots of room to multiply because hostas will really take over an area. They really like to have good organic composted soil and lots of room to multiply. And I have found also tip number three is you can just chop the greens down periodically too when they look a little tacky, sometimes slugs will get to them or the heat of the summer will get to them and even by just trimming down all of the leaves, you'll get fresh new growth. Now they will bloom in late summer so if you cut them back sometimes you do lose the blooms so only cut them back when they look really tacky or you're trying to save them. And you can move them anytime of the year too. You don't have to wait till spring or fall or the right time. I have found hostas are very easy as long as you have some of the root and some of the stem, you can chop it down and you can move it around to any other area or give it away to a friend. So hostas are really pretty shade plants and they look great with ferns and toad lilies, also known as tricyrtis hirta, with the fuchsias and any other shade plants, they look just gorgeous and they're really easy to grow. You can plant them anytime of the year.