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Learn the various characteristics of Cymbidium Orchids in order to decide if they're right for you. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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WILLIAM HUTCHINSON: The Cymbidium orchids, a number of them are understandably, outstanding simply because one, the flower color they have is so gorgeous, and the fact that once you get them in flower, they will last for a week, after week, after week, and one of the early corsage orchids were the Cymbidiums. Because you could get them as a cut flower, put them in the refrigerator, they would store for up to four weeks, and then sell them and they look like they had just been harvested. A spike on this plant, and you can see at the very base of the pseudo-bulb here is a spike developing on this one, will be open by the spring time. This particular one happens to be a nice small, yellow form. It's been around for the last 98 years, named for an early president, President Wilson. Now, the other colors that are available, you name it, green, red, brown, and chocolate.