How To Fertilize A Black Eyed Susan

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Our last and final step is putting a nice organic slow release fertilizer around the plant. You usually use about a tablespoon or 2 depending on the plant. I like nonburning type all 100% organic on the fertilizer. I usually sprinkle it around in circular formation so that once I go and water it, the nutrients from this will leach down into the soil. The theory behind it is that the plant will send its roots out to those nutrients. I'm going to follow up with watering it in. You want a slow pressure. If you do a real hard pressure, it's not going to work as well. I like this real slow trickle drip type watering technique to really thoroughly saturate the plant. You've already have done steps for presoaking the plant, but you need to get the soil to settle and to water it in real well. You might not be able to get back to it and water it for a while. This way it should be fine on its own. There you go.