Using Insecticides

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Insecticides can seem like a miracle for gardeners; learn about using insecticides in this free video on pesticide application. View Video Transcript

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These are insecticides that have been around a long time. We use them to control all kind of insects in the lawn and garden and even in the home. This particular product is Gulf spray, it was sold by the Gulf chemical company at the gas stations and stuff. This particular product is probably from the sixties. Two of the ingredients in it are piperonyl butoxide and permethrin. This product right here is a modern day version of it using the same two chemicals today in 2008. That it is testament to the safety and long term effectiveness of these products that they've been used that long and have not been replaced or changed in any kind of way. Also there is a couple different kinds of pesticides that you buy. You'll buy concentrates that are products that you'll mix in a hand sprayer or some other type of application equipment according to how many ounces of per gallon of water their label recommends. Then there is ready to use products like this. This has its own little pumper on the top, an adjustment for the spray pattern. So you can spray from of course to a fine spray. So pesticides come in all kinds of containers, especially insecticides for ease of use. There is even aerosols that people use that are quite popular.