Organizing Moving Boxes

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When moving into a new apartment or home, organize moving boxes by placing them in designated rooms. Learn how to organize boxes while moving in this free moving tips video from a professional home organizer. View Video Transcript

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My name is Abby Jones and I'm talking about tips for moving into a new space. Particularly an apartment or a smaller space. One tip is to, when you're moving your things in, to go ahead and take them to the room that the label on the box, that you labeled before you moved, says. So, anything that said, closet, or bathroom, I brought to this area when I moved in. And I'm keeping these boxes in these areas because it's going to make it easier when I start unloading things, because I won't have a box that's upstairs in my bedroom, that I need to, where I need to be, getting things to put in my closet. So, as much as possible, although it's not, it's not always possible to keep any, everything in that, in the immediate space. But keep things in the general space, keep your boxes in the general space, where the things inside the boxes will be going.